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The Crown Prince made remarks about the abduction by North Korea.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

His Imperial Highness Prince Naruhito the Crown Prince of Japan visited to Fukui Prefecture in Japan at 21th October. HIH the Crown Prince received the explanation of Fukui Prefecture from the Fukui Prefectural governor.

At that time, HIH the Crown Prince did some questions to the Prefectural governor. One of the questions was about the abduction issue by North Korea. The victim abducted by North Korea lives in Fukui Prefecture. They are Mr. Yasushi Chimura and Mrs. Fukie Chimura. HIH the Crown Prince questioned the Prefectural governor about them. The Imperial family of Japan usually doesn't make remarks about political subject. However HIH the Crown Prince who is the member of Imperial family made remarks about the abduction by North Korea for the first time.

I think this remark to be very glad. As a result, Japanese Government also will strongly demand the abduction issue solution to North Korea. And, the abduction issue by North Korea will be solved in the future, and the Crown Prince will become a wonderful and great Emperor.

Best Regards,

National Association for the Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea

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