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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

His Excellency Junichiro Koizumi who is Prime Minister of Japan visited Yasukuni Jinja(Yasukuni Shrine) at 17th October. China and South Korea are angry though the reason is not understood about this. It is only China and South Korea in all over the world that it is angry of Prime Minister Koizumi's Yasukuni Jinja(Yasukuni Shrine) visit. This is quite strange.

Yasukuni Jinja(Yasukuni Shrine) is facilities in which it holds a funeral for killed in action of Japan. Yasukuni Jinja(Yasukuni Shrine) is the same as a Arlington National Cemetery of the United States.

YASUKUNI JINJA(Official Web Site)
(This Web Site is not Link Free. Therefore, I don't set the hyperlink. If you want to see this Web site, please put above-mentioned URL on the address bar of the Internet browser.) 'Yasukuni Shrine'

Wikipedia 'Yasukuni Shrine'

Arlington National Cemetery

The head of nation holds a funeral for the person sacrificed for the nation. This is natural. It is wrong that the foreign country says the complaint about this. Therefore, the insistence of China and South Korea is wrong. China and South Korea should apologize to Japan.

Best Regards,
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