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Matobokkukuri Collections

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wrote the article on treasure 'Matobokkukuri' of the Duchy of Southisland before. Then, I received a lot of mail "Your Highness, please show me your Matobokkukuri Collections". Then, the Matobokkukuri Collections of the Duchy of Southisland is specially opened to the public today.

<Matobokkukuri No.1>

<Matobokkukuri No.2>

<Matobokkukuri No.3>

<Matobokkukuri No.4>

<Matobokkukuri No.5>

Look! This is wonderful! This is great! This is the treasure of treasures!
This is a root of the power of the Duchy of Southisland!

(Sorry. The image might not be displayed by your environment.)

Best Regards,
  1. 2005/09/14(水) 21:13:47|
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Your Highness,
I saw Matobokkukuri for the first time here.
This is very beautiful and wonderful!
Especially, No.3 is wonderful. I want it.
I wish to express my gratitude to you who showed a wonderful thing.
  1. 2005/09/14(水) 22:17:43 |
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  3. 7743 #y8j/9w2E
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Dear 7743,
Welcome to this Blog. It is wonderful. However, I had a hard time very much to obtain Matobokkukuri. You also hold out and Matobokkukuri will be able to be obtained. Please show me your Matobokkukuri some day.
  1. 2005/09/15(木) 13:58:31 |
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  3. Duke #P5L2qPxQ
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