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White Band

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

'White band' recently famous for the Internet and media of Japan.

Written in Japanese

Written in English

The white band is being sold for JPY300(about US$2.7/GBP1.5/EUR2.2) by this group in Japan. Then, two million white bands are sold in Japan. However, this group in Japan doesn't send it to the poor country by using sales profit of the white band for manufacturing cost, circulation expense, and advertising expense. They are declaring as follows.

1.This is not fund-raising.
2.Our purpose is to enlighten people's ideas.
3.The country of Africa is poor because there is a debt.
4.We demand the debt pardon by the advanced country.
5.This white band is made in China.

The above information was published recently. I think that the white band that this group in Japan sells is strange. Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think?

Best Regards,
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