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The Idea of the Russian Nobility.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is a certain Russian Nobility's episode.

It is a episode at imperial government Russia age. A certain Russian Nobility's wife dropped the ring to the sea when she was doing the ship play at the Black Sea (Caspian Sea?). The ring was a heirloom having been succeeded from generation to generation by Russian Nobility's house of transmitting. And, there was a legend that unhappiness will visit to the house if the ring was lost.

This Russian Nobility employed a lot of divers and looked for the ring in the sea. However, the ring was not found. Then, this Russian Nobility did surprising action.

He bought up the Black Sea coast part!

He thought that 'If I own the Black Sea, the ring that has sunk in the sea is my thing'. And, he bought up the Black Sea coast part. It is a quite great idea. Afterwards, it is not certain whether unhappiness visited this Russian Nobility.

Best Regards,

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