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The secret treasure 'Matobokkukuri'.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

There are the secret treasure 'Matobokkukuri' in the Duchy of Southisland. They say that 'The one to rule the Matobokkukuri rules the world'. Therefore, Emperors, Kings and Lords wanted Matobokkukuri because they competed.

It has been succeeded to from generation to generation with the Dukedom as a symbol of the Herr sovereignty by the Duke of Southisland because Matobokkukuri is scarcity and mystique. It is like 'Three holy durables' of imperial household of Japan.

Moreover, the example is extremely few though Matobokkukuri might be given to the person who has distinguished services as an highest order of the Duchy of Southisland.

Therefore, most Matobokkukuri is assumed to be jealously-guarded. It is very difficult to obtain Matobokkukuri now. It is also very difficult to see Matobokkukuri. It is usually kept by the heavy security at the Duchy of Southisland.

It seems to be able to obtain Matobokkukuri on the following sites.

Matobokkukuri Collections(Matobokkukuri Official Web Site)

Best Regards,
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