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Korean heirs to the throne death.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mr. Lee (I Gu) who was the direct line descendant at a Korean dynasty died at the hotel in Japan at July 16th. Age at death 74 years old.

Mr. Lee was the grandchild of the 26th King of Korea (At that time the Emperor of Korea). The direct line at a Korean dynasty was ended by the death of Mr. Lee.

Mr. Lee was born in Japan at 1931. The education was received in Gakushuin. He went to study to the United States in 1959, and he graduated from the M.I.T. construction department. He acted as an architect in the United States. He married a German American. And he returned to South Korea. However, he failed in the undertaking in South Korea, and had come to Japan.

As for the funeral, it is scheduled to be done in South Korea. I respectfully prays for of him.

Best Regards,
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