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Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is my new JUVENIA's watch.
It is thin, light, and elegant.

It is a quadrangle watch this time though it was a round-shaped watch up to now. It is does a man and is wonderful. However, the problem occurred in immediate purchase this time. It is necessary to wind the winding knob because this watch is a hand winding type and to wind the spring. However, please see the above photograph. The winding knob of this watch has in the case. Therefore, the winding knob is not at all turned easily. I put power and rolled the winding knob many times. As a result, the spring cut, and the clock has stopped. There might not have been such trouble if the winding knob had been exposed outside of the case. The hand winding type watch that has not exposed the winding knob outside of the case is a caution needed.

I will send the watch to the repair tomorrow.

Best Regards,
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