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Their Majesties visit to Saipan.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today their Majesties Emperor and Empress of Japan visit to Saipan. A Saipan island was a trust territory in Japan until 1944. However Saipan island were attacked by the U.S. military in the Pacific War. Tens of thousands of people died by the combat putting a Japanese, an American, and a local person. This year is 60th anniversary after the war. Their Majesties visit for only the memorial. Their Majesties is scheduled to return home at night of June 28th.

An easy history of Marianas including a Saipan island is as follows.

●1521?1899:Ruled by Spain. It was sold off to Germany later.
●1899?1914:Ruled by Germany. Japan occupies it at World War I.
●1914?1944:Ruled by Japan. The U.S. military occupies it at the Pacific War.
●1947?1978:The United Nations trust territory.
●1978?Now:American dominion.

The name of Marianas have been named by Queen Mariana who is wife of King Philip IV of Spain.

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