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Japanese win Nobel Prize in chemistry!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

One Japanese and two American scientists have won this year's Nobel Prize in chemistry! The Japanese scientist is as follows.

Osamu Shimomura(Japanese)
Professor emeritus at Boston University

NHK WORLD English 2008/10/08 19:18
Osamu Shimomura wins Nobel chemistry prize
Japanese scientist Osamu Shimomura and 2 Americans have been awarded this year's Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Shimomura, who worked at the Marine Biological Laboratory in the United States and is now a professor emeritus at Boston University, will share the prize with Americans Martin Chalfie and Roger Tsien. The award is for the discovery and development of a special protein called "green fluorescent protein," or GFP.

GFP was first observed in jellyfish in 1962, and has been an important tool for biologists monitoring the development of neurons in the brain and how cancer cells spread.

Shimomura is 80 years old. He hails from Kyoto and later moved to the United States.

2008/10/08 19:18

Best Regards,

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