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Countries in Asia?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Though we often hear the word "Countries in Asia",do you know what kind of countries are there in Asia. Let's review for a moment.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan,Official Web Site
Regional Affairs,Asia

01.Brunei Darussalam
02.Democratic People's Republic of Korea(North Korea)
03.Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
05.Islamic Republic of Pakistan
07.Kingdom of Bhutan
08.Kingdom of Cambodia
09.Kingdom of Nepal
10.Kingdom of Thailand
11.Lao People's Democratic Republic
14.People's Republic of Bangladesh
15.People's Republic of China(China)
16.Republic of China(Taiwan)
17.Republic of Indonesia
18.Republic of Korea(South Korea)
19.Republic of Maldives
20.Republic of Singapore
21.Republic of the Philippines
22.Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
23.The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
24.Union of Myanmar

Total:24 countries.

There are many countries in Asia.

China,South Korea and North Korea well shout "Japan is hostile with countries of Asia!". However,it are only them that it is hostile to Japan. And,China,South Korea and North Korea are small part of countries in Asia.

Most countries in Asia have friendship to Japan.

We should firmly recognize this fact.
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Your Highness,

hope you spend merry time in
your new way.
as I graciously comment to
the hostaile attitude of
China,Korea and North Korea to
Japan is a kind of jealousy for
the predominance of economy of
refering to the responsibility of
wars is the only their excuse.
I would like to say to the countries
hostile to Japan
"Work! Work harder Japanese!"
that all
with best wishes for our dream
from merry Chibimaru&Co.
  1. 2005/04/14(木) 03:24:46 |
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  3. sugar #-
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I mistook the following sentence

"Work!Work harder than Japanese!"
It is correct.
  1. 2005/04/14(木) 09:04:00 |
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  3. sugar #-
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Dear Lady sugar

Thank you for your comment.
I agree with what you say.
I want to say with you that "Work hard,work hard,more work hard!" to them.

Best Regards,
  1. 2005/04/15(金) 00:16:23 |
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