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Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda announced his resignation.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yasuo Fukuda, Prime Minister of Japan announced his resignation at Monday evening (1st September 2008).

NHK WORLD English 2008/09/01 22:18
Fukuda announces resignation
Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda has announced his intention to resign.

Fukuda held an emergency news conference on Monday evening.

He noted that it has been almost a year since he took office, on the 26th of last September.

He said he took the job knowing there was a rough road ahead, with the opposition in control of the Upper House of the Diet.

He said he was in utter confusion as the pension issue and other longstanding problems surfaced in rapid succession.

But, he said, he was the first to launch reforms from the public's perspective.

Fukuda said he reshuffled his Cabinet last month to come up with measures to provide relief to small- and medium-sized businesses that were struggling with high costs.

He said he drew up a package of economic measures last week.

He said there is no time to lose, because the ruling bloc must deliberate the supplementary budget and a bill to set up a Consumer Agency at the next extraordinary session of the Diet.

Fukuda added that he decided it would be best for Japan's economy and the lives of the Japanese people if the ruling bloc faced the next Diet session with new members.
He said there must be no political vacuum or political trade-offs in putting the lives of the people first.

He said he decided to resign his post because policies must be implemented under a new lineup.

2008/09/01 22:18
Best Regards,

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