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Double-Barrelled Name

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The family name with which two family names are united by the hyphen is called a double-barrelled name like 'Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill'. It is said that the person of a double-barrelled name is often an upper class.

After it marries, man's family name is used usually. However, to leave man's family name and woman's family name, it makes it to a double-barrelled name. In that case, man's family and woman's family are mostly an upper classes.

However, even if it is not an upper class, it is possible to make it a double-barrelled name actually. In that case, the hyphen that unites family names is not often used. Therefore, it seems to be able to distinguish the upper class or not so by the presence of the hyphen. I think that it is persistence of Britain that is the class society.

Best Regards,
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