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The Royal Family

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Royal Family doesn't exist in Japan.

Because the monarch in Japan is not a King but an Emperor, it is called not the Royal Family but the Imperial Family. This is a mistake sometimes though there is a person who calls the Imperial Family in Japan the Royal Family. It is very impolite to use the Royal that means King's clan for Emperor's clan.

The title of the Imperial Family of Japan is HIH(His/Her Imperial Highness). However the title of the Royal Family of other Kingdoms is HRH(His/Her Royal Highness). The Imperial Family of Japan is the only clan who can use the title of HIH now.

Best Regards,
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Hi! I put some comments on Japanese web, and my first time to be here.

Yes, sometimes I read English paper, and they always mixed up with King and Emperor.
Some people asked me the difference in between, and I always answered them that king is a symbol of power, emperor is symbol of blood.
Am I correct??

Sorry I would love to say little bit more, but i have to leave soon...!


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Difference of King and Emperor

Dear Elisha,

Thank you for your comment. I think as follows. 'King is a symbol of blood, Emperor is symbol of power.' Because blood is very important element by the King, and ability is very important element by the Emperor. However Emperor of Japan is special. Emperor of Japan is a symbol of Japan for a long time(and in the future too).

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