The Duchy of Mangrove

This Blog is English version of "The Duchy of East Blogburg".


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Visitor from all over the world! (20080721)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

This Duchy(The Duchy of Mangrove) is one of the Duchy of 'The United Duchies'.

<The United Duchies>
The Duchy of Southisland (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of East Blogburg (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of West Blogburg (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of Mangrove (Written in English)
The Duchy of South Araba (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of North Araba (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of Navalland (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of Photoland (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of Riverside (Written in Japanese)

The United Duchies is visited from all over the world thanks to everybody. The United Duchies was visited by the following countries persons.

<Top Level Domain>
Underlines:Accessed our site recently.
ae : United Arab Emirates
ao : Republic of Angola
ar : Argentine Republic
at : Republic of Austria
au : Australia
aw : Aruba(Territory of Netherlands)
az : Republic of Azerbaijan
ba : Bosnia and Herzegovina
be : Kingdom of Belgium
bg : Republic of Bulgaria
bm : Bermuda(Territory of United Kingdom)
bn : Brunei Darussalam
bo : Republic of Bolivia
br : Federative Republic of Brazil
by : Republic of Belarus
ca : Canada
cc : Cocos Islands/Keeling Islands(Territory of Australia)
ch : Swiss Confederation
cl : Republic of Chile
cn : People's Republic of China
co : Republic of Colombia
cr : Republic of Costa Rica
cy : Republic of Cyprus
cz : Czech Republic
de : Federal Republic of Germany
dk : Kingdom of Denmark
do : Dominican Republic
ee : Republic of Estonia
es : Spain
fi : Republic of Finland
fj : Republic of the Fiji Islands
fm : Federated States of Micronesia
fr : French Republic
gr : Hellenic Republic
gt : Republic of Guatemala
hk : Hong Kong
hr : Republic of Croatia
hu : Republic of Hungary
id : Republic of Indonesia
ie : Ireland
il : State of Israel
in : India
is : Republic of Iceland
it : Republic of Italy
jp : Japan
kh : Kingdom of Cambodia
kr : Republic of Korea
lb : Republic of Lebanon
lt : Republic of Lithuania
lu : Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
lv : Republic of Latvia
ma : Kingdom of Morocco
mc : Principality of Monaco
mm : Union of Myanmar
mu : Republic of Mauritius
mx : United Mexican States
my : Malaysia
nl : Kingdom of the Netherlands
no : Kingdom of Norway
np : Nepal
nz : New Zealand
pf : French Polynesia(Territory of French)
pg : Independent State of Papua New Guinea
ph : Republic of the Philippines
pk : Islamic Republic of Pakistan
pl : Republic of Poland
pt : Portuguese Republic
py : Republic of Paraguay
ro : Romania
ru : Russian Federation
sb : Solomon Islands
se : Kingdom of Sweden
sg : Republic of Singapore
si : Republic of Slovenia
sk : Slovak Republic
st : Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe
sy : Syrian Arab Republic
th : Kingdom of Thailand
to : Kingdom of Tonga
tr : Republic of Turkey
tt : Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
tv : Tuvalu
tw : Taiwan
ua : Ukraine
uk : United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
us : United States of America
uy : Oriental Republic of Uruguay
vn : Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
yu : Serbia and Montenegro
za : Republic of South Africa
aero : gTLD(Organization related to Airlines)
biz : gTLD(Business Organizations)
com : gTLD(Commercial Organizations)
coop : gTLD(Cooperative Organizations)
edu : gTLD(Educational Organizations)
gov : gTLD(US Government Organizations)
info : gTLD(General-Purpose Domain)
int : gTLD(International Organizations)
mil : gTLD(US Department of Defense)
net : gTLD(Network Organization)
org : gTLD(Other Organization)

I welcome the visitor from all over the world.

Best Regards,
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