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The Royal Warrant

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Royal Warrant(The British Royal Warrant) is an admitted brand by British Royal Household. Now the Royal Warrant is issuable by only four members of British Royal Household.

 ・Her Majesty The Queen
 ・His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh
 ・Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
 ・His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales

The recognition of the Royal Warrant can be received by offering the product to the British Royal Household free of charge for three years. (It is necessary to be admitted the quality by the Royal Warrant committee.)

The crest that shows the Royal Warrant in the product can be put when admitted to the Royal Warrant. This crest is a crest of the person who admitted it to the Royal Warrant. Two or more crests are put on the product admitted to the Royal Warrant by two or more people.

Now there are about 900 companies and about 1100 items of the Royal Warrant in Britain. The recognition of the Royal Warrant is a semipermanent recognition. However if the company or product of the Royal Warrant is sold, The recognition of the Royal Warrant is canceled.

The British Royal Warrant brand can be confirmed on the following sites.

The Royal Warrant Holders Association

Best Regards,
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