The Duchy of Mangrove

This Blog is English version of "The Duchy of East Blogburg".


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About my Titles

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am the Count of Mangrove.
By the way,"The Count of Mangrove" is one of some Titles I hold.
These are my Titles.
1.The Duke of Southisland(Ruling Duke of Southisland)
2.The Margrave of Araba
3.The Count of Mangrove
4.Sovereign of the Order of Takeshima
And my name is "Hide III".
Therefore,they usually call me "His Highness Hide III, the Duke of Southisland."
This is my Formal Title.
His Glorious Highness Hide the Third, Duke of Southisland, Margrave of Araba, Count of Mangrove, Lord of His other Territories, and Sovereign of the Order of Takeshima.
You may address me "Your Highness".

Best Regards,
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  1. 2005/04/12(火) 23:14:30 |
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Thank you !

Dear Mr.dzlfox

Thank you very much for your kindness!

The Count of Mangrove
  1. 2005/04/12(火) 23:34:26 |
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  3. The Count of Mangrove #y8j/9w2E
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Your Highness;
It is very courageous effort to write a blog in English.
I wish you go on writing.
Thank you.
  1. 2005/04/13(水) 13:54:46 |
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  3. HRH 7743 #-
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Thank you for the encouragement.
I will hold out.
By the way,does anonymity have the reason? May I ask for the name?
  1. 2005/04/13(水) 15:11:04 |
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  3. The Count of Mangrove #y8j/9w2E
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Though I asked for the name,please forgive me if it is impolite.
I was thought that you had forgotten the description of the name.
  1. 2005/04/13(水) 16:05:35 |
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  3. The Count of Mangrove #y8j/9w2E
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Your Highness,

Congraturations for your new debut!
wishing you have a lot
of discoveries
on your new voyage.
with best wishes
from merry Chibimaru&Co.
  1. 2005/04/13(水) 21:11:59 |
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  3. sugar #-
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Dear Lady sugar,

Thank you for the congratulation for me.
I am always being healed by you.
My best regards in the future.
  1. 2005/04/13(水) 22:37:05 |
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  3. The Count of Mangrove #y8j/9w2E
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