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Piano Trio No.7 'Archduke'

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

'The Piano Trio No.7 in B-flat major' was composed by German famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven. This piano trio is well known as the 'Archduke trio'. This music is graceful.

The reason that this music is called 'Archduke' is that this music was dedicated to 'Archduke Rudolph of Austria(Rudolph Johannes Joseph Rainer, Erzherzog von Osterreich)'.

'Archduke Rudolph of Austria' had an aptitude for music, and he is famous as the student of Beethoven.

For your information, English 'Archduke(German 'Erzherzog') is a title that only the member of Habsburg in Austria uses.

Best Regards,

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