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Chinese is barbarous!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

16th January, 2008, Chinese assaulted the Japanese at Yasukuni Shrine in Japan. Yasukuni Shrine is a sacred place like the national cemetery for killed in action.

That day the elderly Japanese of 80 years old who had the national flag of Japan visited Yasukuni Shrine. Chinese (He came from China to Japan by the travel) who had seen it deprived of the national flag of Japan from him. And, the Chinese trampled down the national flag of Japan by the foot, and broke the flagpole. Afterwards, the Chinese hurt two Japanese. The Chinese was arrested by the Japanese police.

Because Yasukuni Shrine is a place concerning the war, China that fought against Japan before is hated place. However, violence like this is not permitted! Chinese is barbarous! I am getting very very angry at Chinese who perpetrated a crime in a sacred place in Japan! I protest against China as a Japanese.

What do you think of this?


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