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Trackback Spam

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yesterday 17th July, UD(The United Duchies of Southisland) received a lot of Tackback Spam. The number of Trackback Spams is as follows.

The Duchy of West Blogburg
 1114 Trackback Spams

The Duchy of Mangrove
 82 Trackback Spams

The Duchy of East Blogburg
 10 Trackback Spams

Because Blog of UD has made the Trackback an approval system, it is not harmful. However, a lot of 'Information E-mail' reaches every time mail is checked. I am very embarrassed and angry.

This is cyber terrorism to UD !

I hate person or organization that send the Trackback Spam.

They should go to the hell.

I pray to the god it. Person who Trackback Spam send should care sick and accident. The misfortune is to influence the family.

The god is always looking at your behavior.

Best Regards,

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