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South Korea might become islands in the future.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

North Korea developed new ballistic missile 'Taepodong 2'. The range distance of 'Taepodong 2' is called about 6,000km or more. North Korean ballistic missile 'Taepodong 2' reaches the territory of the United States.

Recently, North Korea does the launching preparation of ballistic missile 'Taepodong 2'. It is said that the target of the missile is the United States. If North Korea attacks the United States by ballistic missile 'Taepodong 2', the United States will attack North Korea at once with a nuclear missile of the nuclear submarine.

Now there is North Korea in the north of a Korean peninsula. And there is South Korea in the south of a Korean peninsula. Then, South Korea might become islands in the future after North Korea is destroyed by a nuclear attack of the United States.

However, if South Korea becomes an enemy of the United States with North Korea, North Korea and South Korea might become the 'Sea of Japan'. I wish it very much!

Best Regards,

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