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King of Nepal was deprived of sovereignty.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The House of Representatives of Kingdom of Nepal passed the bill that deprive King of sovereignty. As a result, the king seems to lose power, and to become symbolical existence.

The political situation of Kingdom of Nepal is being confused now. The cause of the confusion is 'Maoist'. 'Maoist' is a communist who believes in Mao Zedong of China. And, they bear arms and are doing antigovernment activities in Kingdom of Nepal. The political party of Kingdom of Nepal is hoping for peace with Maoist. The political party conceded to Maoist, and deprived the king of sovereignty for that. However, the purpose of Maoist is to make Kingdom of Nepal communist.

Maoist demands the constitutional revision now. Maoist is planning to abolish the Nepalese royal family. The purpose is to make Kingdom of Nepal communist. Kingdom of Nepal will become Communist state in the future if the political party of Kingdom of Nepal accepts the demand of Maoist. And, People's Republic of China will welcome becoming of Kingdom of Nepal Communist state. Therefore, I think that People's Republic of China is ordering it to Maoist in Kingdom of Nepal.

I worry whether Kingdom of Nepal will be invaded from People's Republic of China in the future very much. I pray that Kingdom of Nepal not become like Tibet.

Best Regards,
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