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Takeshima Day

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, 22th February is 'Takeshima day'.

Takeshima was incorporated into Shimane Prefecture in Japan on 22th February 1905. After Takeshima becomes a territory in Japan, this year is 101 anniversaries. 'Takeshima day' was enacted in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of last year.

Takeshima is a territory in Japan. However, Takeshima has been being unlawfully occupied by South Korea since 1952. Takeshima is a trouble spot now. Therefore, to our regret, the Japanese cannot visit Takeshima.

Takeshima homepage

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
The Issue of Takeshima

Given the historical background of the Takeshima Islands, there is no doubt that they are Japanese territory. And in accordance with international law, Takeshima clearly belongs to Japan.

South Korea is refusing it though Japan tries to talk to South Korea at The International Court of Justice. South Korea is an unfair country. Japan rages at an unfair means of South Korea. If South Korea doesn't return Takeshima to Japan, Japan might do economic sanction to South Korea. Japan might do not only economic sanction but also rupture of diplomatic intercourse to South Korea. Moreover, Japan might do the declaration of war declaration to South Korea.

South Korea should promptly restore Takeshima to Japan. Japan is not as gentle as a person all over the world thinks.

Best Regards,

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