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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is snowing and very cold at Tokyo, Japan. Therefore, I want to tell the story of vodka.

Vodka is hooch that represents Russia. Now everyone usually can drink vodka all over the world. However, vodka was special hooch that only Russian Emperor and the aristocrat were able to drink in old times. And, manufacturing and sales of vodka were managed by the nation, and a high tax was multiplied.

It is said that the vodka manufacturing in Russia started in the 13th century. It is said that Pyotr the Great(Pyotr I) who is famous Emperor of Russia also loved vodka and drank it. Moreover, it is said that Pyotr the Great improved the distiller of vodka.

Thus, vodka has been loved by the emperor and the aristocrat in Russia. And, most vodka was produced in Russia, and drunk. It is Russian Revolution generated in 1917 that became a chance that this vodka spreads all over the world. A lot of Russian aristocrats defected by Russian Revolution to foreign countries. As a result, the vodka that had been mainly produced till then only in Russia came to be produced all over the world.

Major brand 'SMIRNOFF' of vodka also originally manufactured vodka in Moscow. 'SMIRNOFF' is a brand established in Moscow in 1818. 'SMIRNOFF' was very good quality, and gave the 'Imperial warrant' from Russian Emperor Aleksandr III in 1886. Therefore, crest of Emperor of Russia is drawn in the label of 'SMIRNOFF'. However, 'SMIRNOFF' defected to France by Russian Revolution. Now 'SMIRNOFF' is the enterprise in the United States.

In vodka, there is an image of hooch of 'the worker of the Soviet Union' now. However, vodka was hooch of venerable 'Russian Emperor and the aristocrat' in old times.

It is very cold today. Let's get warm drinking vodka.

Best Regards,

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