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About Matobokkukuri.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Recently, there are a lot of people who visit our 'The United Duchies' by way of the search engine. The retrieval key word is 'Matobokkukuri'. At 13th January the access that made 'Matobokkukuri' a key word was 44.

Originally, 'Matobokkukuri' is said that existence is open secret, and never goes up to voter's topic. And, the voter who does 'Matobokkukuri' in the collection is very some of the Japanese. It has tongues wagging recently. Moreover, collecting 'Matobokkukuri' information hard is foreigner. However, we don't know why the foreigner is interested in 'Matobokkukuri' and I am worrying about this situation very much as one of 'Matobokkukuri' holders.

I have published the image of 'Matobokkukuri' in this Blog before. There is a possibility that the foreigner discovered it. 'Matobokkukuri' is secret treasure that the Japanese love for a long time. I disclosed the information at the Internet. I regret it. The foreigner will try surely to obtain 'Matobokkukuri'.

Recently, the confidential information on Japan has easily flowed out to the foreign country. It is having misgivings that information on top-secret 'Matobokkukuri' of Japan extends to the foreign country. I think that the enactment of the antiespionage law in Japan is a pressing need.

If you live in Japan with Japanese nationality, you are possible to buy 'Matobokkukuri' on the following official web site. However, there is a severe examination to become a member. And, the price of 'Matobokkukuri' is very expensive. However, genuine 'Matobokkukuri' can be bought.

Matobokkukuri Collections

Best Regards,
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