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How to choose friends.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The friends includes good friends and bad friends. My parents said "Do not associate with bad friends" in my childhood. I think that you are also the same.

A mutually good influence is received if you associate with good friends and it grows up. However, it degenerates when associating with bad friends. You should choose good friends and associate.

Should you associate with the friends who enters person's house without permission, steals, and threatens the person with the knife? If you chose bad friends and you associate with bad friends, you grow serious.

Diplomacy in the nation is also the same. Diplomacy is not entire happily association with the all friends. Diplomacy is to deepen friendship with good friends. It is very foolish that association with bad friends, and giving to the money. We should choose good friends and associate.

Best Regards,
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