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HRH Prince William entered the Royal Military Academy(Army).

HRH Prince William in Britain entered the Royal Military Academy(Army) on January 8. HRH Prince William is eldest son of HRH The Prince of Wales(The Crown Prince of Britain), and he is second in line to the throne. HRH Prince William graduated from the university last June. And, the exposure to life was piled up in the bank etc. afterwards.

HRH Duke of Edinburgh(Consort of Her Majesty) and HRH The Prince of Wales lived an military life in naval forces though HRH Prince William entered Army. HRH Prince Henry(younger brother of HRH Prince William) have entered the same Royal Military Academy(Army) at last May.

The man royal family in Britain joins the armed services without fail. In Falklands Conflict generated between Britain and Argentina in 1982, HRH Prince Andrew(Duke of York, second prince of Her Majesty, younger brother of HRH The Prince of Wales) entered the war as a pilot of the combat helicopter and he is injured. The royal family is should participate in a dangerous war, and a difficult position.

By the way, the royalty in Japan of 'The Empire of Japan' age also had joined the armed services. However, the royalty in Japan doesn't join the armed services now.

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