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China is a dangerous country.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

A diplomat of Japan committed suicide in China in May, 2004. This diplomat of Japan was being threatened by the Chinese man (public peace staff).

The Chinese man said that the Chinese woman who is the acquaintance of a diplomat of Japan is doing the crime. And, the Chinese man said that a diplomat of Japan also would be punished as a complicity, and threatened a diplomat of Japan. The Chinese man said to a diplomat of Japan. "Offer diplomatic secret information on Japan if it doesn't want to be punished by you !". Afterwards, a diplomat of Japan committed suicide.

This event came to light because a diplomat of Japan committed suicide this time. However, this is a tip of the iceberg. The Chinese agent raises the foreigner to the criminal, and threatens. It seems that a lot of foreigners in China are threatened by the Chinese agent.

China does the information gathering by the mean trick. Such an information gathering of China is what should criticize. We foreigners should note mean China. China is a dangerous country.

The politician, the bureaucrat, the mass communication, and the businessman who visits China should understand the risk, and note it enough.

Best Regards,

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凤凰卫视11月22日消息 据香港大公报报道 近几个月来,一股恶毒攻击中韩民族的逆流正在日本泛滥,肆意歪曲历史、丑化中国人和韩国人的两本漫画书在日本热卖,它们误导了不明真相的日本年轻一代,影响极其恶劣,但政府官员则对此不闻不问。














  1. 2005/12/30(金) 18:51:39 |
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To 君子

How do you do, 君子.

Are you a Chinese? I am glad of your visit. And I am glad that you wrote the comment. However, I do not understand Chinese. And, to our regret, a Chinese character is not able to correctly displayed in this Blog. I want to listen to your opinion. If you want me to listen to the opinion, please describe it in Japanese or English. I am waiting for your comment.

  1. 2005/12/31(土) 18:23:10 |
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  3. Duke #y8j/9w2E
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Dear friend,

I'm sorry that I don't agree with what you said at all. I have many foreign friends in China, and NONE of them told me that China is a "dangerous" country. We do have a authoritarian government, but that doesn't make the entire country dangerous. You are Japanese, I suppose? Then, I believe you have heard of Luxor Massacre of 1997. Ten Japanese tourist was brutally slaughtered in front of Hatshepsut’s Temple. That, would never happen in China.

Despite so-called "anti-Japan waves" in China, is there any Japanese who got killed in China because of racial hatred? Now it's your turn to answer the question, my friend.
  1. 2008/10/27(月) 03:12:22 |
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  3. 華 #-
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To 華

Dear 華,

Thank you for your comment. I answer your question.
As you know, foreigner committing a crime most in Japan is a Chinese. Do you know it? They do murder, robbery and rape. We Japanese is frightened by a Chinese crime.
Who brought up a Chinese like that? What brought up a Chinese like that?
It's Chinese! It's China!
Therefore, we Japanese think China is dangerous country.
This is our answer.
Please comment if there is an opinion.

Best Regards,
  1. 2008/10/27(月) 23:09:06 |
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  3. Duke #y8j/9w2E
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