The Duchy of Mangrove

This Blog is English version of "The Duchy of East Blogburg".


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Visitor from all over the world! (4)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

This Duchy(The Duchy of Mangrove) is one of the Duchy of 'The United Duchies'.

<The United Duchies>
The Duchy of Southisland (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of East Blogburg (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of West Blogburg (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of Mangrove (Written in English)
The Duchy of Araba (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of Navalland (Written in Japanese)
The United Duchies Picture BBS (Written in Japanese)

The United Duchies is visited from every country in the world thanks to everybody. The United Duchies was visited by the following countries persons.

<Top Level Domain>
Underlines:The domain newly confirmed recently.

at : Austria
au : Australia
be : Belgium
br : Brazil
ca : Canada
ch : Switzerland
de : Germany
dk : Denmark
do : The Dominican Republic
ee : Estonia
es : Spain
fi : Finland
fr : France
gr : Greece
hk : HongKong
hr : Croatia
hu : Hungary
ie : Ireland
il : Israel
it : Italy
jp : Japan
kr : The Republic of Korea(South Korea)
mx : Mexico
my : Malaysia
nl : Netherlands
np : Nepal
nz : New Zealand
pl : Poland
ro : Romania
ru : Russia
se : Sweden
sg : Singapore
th : Thailand
tr : Turkey
tv : Tuvalu
tw : The Republic of China(Taiwan)
uk : Britain(The United Kingdom)
us : America(The United States)

biz : gTLD(Business)
com : gTLD(Commerce)
edu : gTLD(Education)
mil : gTLD(Military organization)
net : gTLD(Network)
org : gTLD(Other organization)

Ladies and gentlemen, my best regards in the future.
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