The Duchy of Mangrove

This Blog is English version of "The Duchy of East Blogburg".


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Welcom to this Blog!

Ladies and Gentlemen.
Welcome to this Blog!

I am the Count of Mangrove who is administrator of this Blog.
You can call me "Lord mangrove".

This Blog is ruled under the web site "The Duchy of Southisland".

The Duchy of Southisland (Written in Japanese)

And this Blog is an English version of "The Blog Dominion of the Duchy of Southisland".

The Blog Dominion of the Duchy of Southisland (Written in Japanese)

I will write about Emperor,King,Grand Duke,Duke,Prince,Marquess(Marquis),Count(Earl),Viscount,Baron,Baronet,Knight and International relation in this Blog.

Best Regards,
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I would like to congrate upon the declaration of the newly-founded blog of the Count of Mangrove.
Your Highness uses the address 'Ladies and Gentleman' towards the visitors to this dominion.
In my understanding, however, your Highness should use the plural form of 'gentleman,' say, 'gentlemen.'

I have the honour to remain, Sir, Your Highness's most humble and obedient servant,

  1. 2005/04/12(火) 16:40:21 |
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  3. dzlfox #N1OpTHoY
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Thank you

Dear Mr.dzlfox

Thank you very much for your greeting at immediately.
I have corrected the word.

My best regards in the future.


The Count of Mangrove
  1. 2005/04/12(火) 17:46:05 |
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  3. The Count of Mangrove #y8j/9w2E
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