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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I introduce my Watch Collections to you.
[Brand] UNIVERSAL GENEVE (Made in Switzerland)
[Model] Pocket Watch
[Movement] Manual Winding
This pocket watch is very thin.

Best Regards,

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Their Majesties will visit to Singapore and Thailand.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan will visit to Singapore and Thailand at June. The visit is a schedule for about one week from 8th June.

His Majesty King Bhumibol of Thailand is the 60th reign anniversary this year. Their Majesties were invited from Thailand to this celebration.

As for this visit, the Cabinet Council will decide formally on 27th January.

Thus, Japan values 'Asia' very much. Their Majesties' Asian nations visits will be to contribute to the friendship of Japan and Asian nations greatly.

Best Regards,
  1. 2006/01/22(日) 19:03:37|
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Great watch brand of the world.

The following watch brands are called 'Great watch brand' in the world.

 Establishment year : 1735
 Establishment country : Switzerland
 URL : http://www.blancpain.ch/

 Establishment year : 1755
 Establishment country : Switzerland
 URL : http://www.vacheron.ch/

 Establishment year : 1775
 Establishment country : Switzerland
 URL : http://www.breguet.ch/

 Establishment year : 1839
 Establishment country : Switzerland
 URL : http://www.patek.com/

 Establishment year : 1845
 Establishment country : Germany
 URL : http://www.alange-soehne.com/

 Establishment year : 1875
 Establishment country : Switzerland
 URL : http://www.audemarspiguet.com/

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is snowing and very cold at Tokyo, Japan. Therefore, I want to tell the story of vodka.

Vodka is hooch that represents Russia. Now everyone usually can drink vodka all over the world. However, vodka was special hooch that only Russian Emperor and the aristocrat were able to drink in old times. And, manufacturing and sales of vodka were managed by the nation, and a high tax was multiplied.

It is said that the vodka manufacturing in Russia started in the 13th century. It is said that Pyotr the Great(Pyotr I) who is famous Emperor of Russia also loved vodka and drank it. Moreover, it is said that Pyotr the Great improved the distiller of vodka.

Thus, vodka has been loved by the emperor and the aristocrat in Russia. And, most vodka was produced in Russia, and drunk. It is Russian Revolution generated in 1917 that became a chance that this vodka spreads all over the world. A lot of Russian aristocrats defected by Russian Revolution to foreign countries. As a result, the vodka that had been mainly produced till then only in Russia came to be produced all over the world.

Major brand 'SMIRNOFF' of vodka also originally manufactured vodka in Moscow. 'SMIRNOFF' is a brand established in Moscow in 1818. 'SMIRNOFF' was very good quality, and gave the 'Imperial warrant' from Russian Emperor Aleksandr III in 1886. Therefore, crest of Emperor of Russia is drawn in the label of 'SMIRNOFF'. However, 'SMIRNOFF' defected to France by Russian Revolution. Now 'SMIRNOFF' is the enterprise in the United States.

In vodka, there is an image of hooch of 'the worker of the Soviet Union' now. However, vodka was hooch of venerable 'Russian Emperor and the aristocrat' in old times.

It is very cold today. Let's get warm drinking vodka.

Best Regards,

  1. 2006/01/22(日) 02:52:53|
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About Matobokkukuri.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Recently, there are a lot of people who visit our 'The United Duchies' by way of the search engine. The retrieval key word is 'Matobokkukuri'. At 13th January the access that made 'Matobokkukuri' a key word was 44.

Originally, 'Matobokkukuri' is said that existence is open secret, and never goes up to voter's topic. And, the voter who does 'Matobokkukuri' in the collection is very some of the Japanese. It has tongues wagging recently. Moreover, collecting 'Matobokkukuri' information hard is foreigner. However, we don't know why the foreigner is interested in 'Matobokkukuri' and I am worrying about this situation very much as one of 'Matobokkukuri' holders.

I have published the image of 'Matobokkukuri' in this Blog before. There is a possibility that the foreigner discovered it. 'Matobokkukuri' is secret treasure that the Japanese love for a long time. I disclosed the information at the Internet. I regret it. The foreigner will try surely to obtain 'Matobokkukuri'.

Recently, the confidential information on Japan has easily flowed out to the foreign country. It is having misgivings that information on top-secret 'Matobokkukuri' of Japan extends to the foreign country. I think that the enactment of the antiespionage law in Japan is a pressing need.

If you live in Japan with Japanese nationality, you are possible to buy 'Matobokkukuri' on the following official web site. However, there is a severe examination to become a member. And, the price of 'Matobokkukuri' is very expensive. However, genuine 'Matobokkukuri' can be bought.

Matobokkukuri Collections

Best Regards,
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Visitor from all over the world! (6)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

This Duchy(The Duchy of Mangrove) is one of the Duchy of 'The United Duchies'.

<The United Duchies>
The Duchy of Southisland (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of East Blogburg (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of West Blogburg (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of Mangrove (Written in English)
The Duchy of Araba (Written in Japanese)
The Duchy of Navalland (Written in Japanese)
The United Duchies Picture BBS (Written in Japanese)

The United Duchies is visited from every country in the world thanks to everybody. The United Duchies was visited by the following countries persons.

<Top Level Domain>
Underlines:The domain newly confirmed recently.

at : Austria
au : Australia
be : Belgium
br : Brazil
ca : Canada
ch : Switzerland
cn : China(People's Republic of China)
cz : The Czech Republic
de : Germany
dk : Denmark
do : The Dominican Republic
ee : Estonia
es : Spain
fi : Finland
fr : France
gr : Greece
hk : HongKong
hr : Croatia
hu : Hungary
ie : Ireland
il : Israel
it : Italy
jp : Japan
kr : The Republic of Korea(South Korea)
lu : Luxembourg
mx : Mexico
my : Malaysia
nl : Netherlands
no : Norway
np : Nepal
nz : New Zealand
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ru : Russia
se : Sweden
sg : Singapore
th : Thailand
tr : Turkey
tv : Tuvalu
tw : Taiwan(The Republic of China)
uk : Britain(The United Kingdom)
us : America(The United States)
uy : Uruguay

biz : gTLD(Business)
com : gTLD(Commerce)
edu : gTLD(Education)
mil : gTLD(Military organization)
net : gTLD(Network)
org : gTLD(Other organization)

Ladies and gentlemen, my best regards in the future.
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How to choose friends.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The friends includes good friends and bad friends. My parents said "Do not associate with bad friends" in my childhood. I think that you are also the same.

A mutually good influence is received if you associate with good friends and it grows up. However, it degenerates when associating with bad friends. You should choose good friends and associate.

Should you associate with the friends who enters person's house without permission, steals, and threatens the person with the knife? If you chose bad friends and you associate with bad friends, you grow serious.

Diplomacy in the nation is also the same. Diplomacy is not entire happily association with the all friends. Diplomacy is to deepen friendship with good friends. It is very foolish that association with bad friends, and giving to the money. We should choose good friends and associate.

Best Regards,
  1. 2006/01/09(月) 18:30:11|
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HRH Prince William entered the Royal Military Academy(Army).

HRH Prince William in Britain entered the Royal Military Academy(Army) on January 8. HRH Prince William is eldest son of HRH The Prince of Wales(The Crown Prince of Britain), and he is second in line to the throne. HRH Prince William graduated from the university last June. And, the exposure to life was piled up in the bank etc. afterwards.

HRH Duke of Edinburgh(Consort of Her Majesty) and HRH The Prince of Wales lived an military life in naval forces though HRH Prince William entered Army. HRH Prince Henry(younger brother of HRH Prince William) have entered the same Royal Military Academy(Army) at last May.

The man royal family in Britain joins the armed services without fail. In Falklands Conflict generated between Britain and Argentina in 1982, HRH Prince Andrew(Duke of York, second prince of Her Majesty, younger brother of HRH The Prince of Wales) entered the war as a pilot of the combat helicopter and he is injured. The royal family is should participate in a dangerous war, and a difficult position.

By the way, the royalty in Japan of 'The Empire of Japan' age also had joined the armed services. However, the royalty in Japan doesn't join the armed services now.

<Reference Web site>

The British Monarchy

The Prince of Wales

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The comment spam and the trackback spam are prohibited in this Blog.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The comment spam and the trackback spam are prohibited in this Blog. I delete a comment and a trackback not related to the article in this Blog. The comment spam and the trackback spam are very troubles. Please send neither comment spam nor the trackback spam to this Blog. I curse the person who sent the comment spam and the trackback spam to this Blog. The god is looking at your behavior. The person who sends the comment spam and the trackback spam to this Blog will go to the hell.

I have something to say to the person who sends the comment spam and the trackback spam to this Blog. Do you have the family? Grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sisters, cousin, lover, husband, wife, daughter, and son. You should note your family's accident and the sickness. The curse influences your family. And, please recall this Blog when your family dies.

Best Regards,
  1. 2006/01/04(水) 21:54:42|
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Japan doesn't have the nuclear weapon.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Japan is the only country in the world that received the attack by the nuclear weapon. As a result, about 200,000 people died. The nuclear weapon is frightening arms.

By the way, there are some countries with a large amount of nuclear weapons in the world. The United States, The United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, Israel, India, Pakistan, and North Korea. Especially, the nuclear weapon of Russia, China, and North Korea that is in the close vicinity of Japan is very threats for the security of Japan.

Japan doesn't have the nuclear weapon. Therefore, even if the attack by the nuclear weapons is received from the foreign countries, Japan cannot counterattack. Japan is a weak country. Japan is such a country.

Japan has a lot of nuclear plants.
Japan has the Nobel prize scientist.
Japan has a lot of money.
Japan has an efficient super computer.
Japan has the space rocket development technology.
Japan has the ability to build a quiet submarine.
A lot of earthquakes occur in Japan every year.
Japan conceals anything.
Japan is 'usually' an obedient country.

Japan doesn't have the nuclear weapon.
Japan is a weak country.
Please do not bully Japan.

Best Regards,

  1. 2006/01/02(月) 20:47:23|
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Happy New Year!


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

How are you? I am Duke that rules The United Duchies(The Duchy of Southisland,The Duchy of East Blogburg,The Duchy of West Blogburg,The Duchy of Mangrove,The Duchy of Araba,The Duchy of Navalland).

Happy New Year!
Thank you for your kindness last year.
It is 2006 since today.
My best regards this year.

1st January 2006, Duke

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